Fruit Machines

Hints and tips to help you win on your local fruit machines now

Fruit Machines

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Playing hints and tips from Bell-Fruit

No win from nudges? On the next game, if ‘hold’ buttons flash on a pair let them spin – you’re bound to win!

Try holding down the ‘Cancel’ button – it may slow down skill-stops

Hold all 3 reels when there’s a win above or below the Winline – the win may be “stepped in” on the reels

Look out for ‘Repeat Chance’ – the Jackpot may be doubled, or even trebled!

Hold a pair of symbols on the reels 3 times and the complete win will spin in

All wins rounded UP to the nearest pound

With a pair of symbols on the Winline, try holding the non-matching reel and it might spin in that win

Red stands for ‘Super’ – look out for anything turning red as the award will be enhanced